Special Tension Control AC-DC-AC Variable Frequency Drive for Winder Machine

Special Tension Control AC-DC-AC Variable Frequency Drive for Winder Machine

Unique Tension Management AC-DC-AC Variable Frequency Drive For Winder Equipment

one.Merchandise Specification:

Product S1100VG
  Maximum frequency 400H
  Input frequency Digital location: .01Hz
  resolution Analog environment: maximum frequency ×0.1%
  Control method V/F handle
  Vector flux management one
  Vector flux manage 2
  CZPTtup torque G modle: .5Hz/one hundred eighty%(Open loop Vector flux handle)
  P product: .5Hz/120%(Open up loop Vector flux control)
  Velocity adjustment 1:200(Open up loop Vector flux management)
  Velocity stabilization Open loop Vector flux manage:≤±0.five%
Standard operate Speed stabilization Open loop Vector flux control:≤±0.3%
  Torque response ≤40ms(Open up magnetic flux vector manage)
  Overload capacity G design: 150% rated recent 60s one hundred eighty% rated existing 3s
  P design: one hundred thirty% rated recent 60s 150% rated existing 3s
  Torque hoist Computerized torque hoist guide torque hoist .1% to
  V/F curve CZPT V/F, Multi-stage V/F, and Sq. V/F
  Speed-up and Straight line or S curve pace-up and velocity-down
  Pace-down curve modeTwo types of velocity-up and speed-down
    timeSpeed-up and pace-down time ranges between .0s
    to 3000.0min.
  DC brake DC brake frequency:.00Hz to maximum frequency 
brake time:.0s to 36.0s,and brake present worth: .% to 100.%.
  Jog manage Jog frequency assortment:.00Hz to fifty.00Hzjog
  velocity-up/pace-down time: .0s to 3000.0s.
  Simple PLC and MS pace operating It can comprehend a maximum of 16 segments velocity operating
  via the constructed-in PLC or management terminal.
  Developed-in PID It is straightforward to comprehend procedure-managed shut loop control
  (AVR)Vehicle It can maintain continual output voltage routinely in case 
of adjust of mains voltage.
  voltage regulation
  Torque restrict and management “Shovel” qualities, the runtime automated torquelimit, avert frequent 
in excess of-present vacation shut loop vectormodel can recognize the torque handle
Individua-lized perform Peripherals self-detection upon It can perform protection detections on the peripherals upon electrical power-on, 
including earth and short circuit detections.
electrical power-on
Shared DC bus It can understand the perform that multiple inverters share the DC bus.
JOG crucial Programmable essential: Decide on the command channel switching/CZPT 
and reverse rotations/jog procedure.
Screen LED display The equipment has the LED keyboard,and comprehend parameter 
options,position monitoring purpose.
Keyboard Liquid crystal display display Optional, / English prompts articles
Procedure Parameter Duplicate Keyboard can be copied employing the parameters to achive
the speedy replication parameter.

two.Item Features:

1.Increased Management and Overall performance
2.Switchable Dual Ranking Operation Method:Regular Duty/Weighty Duty
three.Various Features:(Built-in programmable Logic Controller,PID Management Option,Multi velocity management with 16 stage frequency variety)
four.Protection of environment(Environment oriented design,Enhanced ecological characteristics)

three.Solution Present:

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Special Tension Control AC-DC-AC Variable Frequency Drive for Winder Machine