New Arrival Pneumatic Bending Machine Price

New Arrival Pneumatic Bending Machine Price

CNC  Press Brake 

HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Equipment Resource Co., Ltd is 1 of the Leading three press brake and shearing device in China, which specializing in manufacturing and advertising of push brake,shearing machine,push machine, sq. duct creation line LINE5,4,3,2,1spiral duct equipment, locking forming machinefolding equipment,plasma chopping machine, power push,ironworker,hydraulic notching equipment, beading device,flange forming equipment,shearing equipment & push brake,Blade/Mold, and many others.

Organization Identify (producer):     HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Device Tool Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer:    YSDCNC
Tel: 571-57262305 Telephone: 18851629789
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1. Advantage of Items:
one. Use UG (finite aspect) evaluation strategy, computer-aided optimization layout, lovely visual appeal.
2. The machine adopts metal plate welding construction, with adequate power and rigidity, hydraulic transmission to make sure that operate will not be owing to adjustments in sheet metal thickness or beneath the mold “V” -formed slot triggered by improper selection and critical overloading incidents, in addition to the equipment has a stable procedure, operation Handy, minimal sounds, safe and trustworthy.
3. The cylinder has a mechanical stopper to ensure repeat positioning accuracy of the slider to the base dead center in buy to make sure the consistency of the bending angle in mass production.
4. Employing German engineering for internal tension elimination.
5. The general framework of sand employed to combat rust, and spray anti-rust paint.

two. Major Configuration:
·· E21 technique:
Chinese / English
Mm/ inch
Back again gauge and block manage
Manage for standard AC motors, frequency inverter
CZPT positioning
Inventory counter
Holding / decompression time placing
Plan memory of up to 40 programs up to 25 methods for every plan
A single aspect positioning
Retract operate
A single key backup/ restore of parameters

·· Xihu (West Lake) Dis. hydraulic system:Good hydraulic system, to ensure the typical operation of the machine.

·· Left facet of up and down molds :T10 mildew materials, right after higher temperature hot quenching.
·· HangCZPT Tai Fung Fuel tank
·· CZPT pump :ZheJiang Kang Ting substantial pressure pump plant
·· Japan NOK Seal rings
·· Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Method controller:Very good hydraulic technique, to guarantee the standard procedure of the equipment.
·· SIEMENS motor:German well-known brand motor increases the lifespan of the and keeps the machine operating in minimal sounds atmosphere.
··  Schneider CZPT Elements:High quality electric elements can complete nicely even the electricity is not steady and consumers can very easily get the substitution everywhere in the term.

·HIWIN Ball Screw and CZPT information Servo Motor
·Punch and Die
·Motorized Crowning Worktable
·CZPT Protector
·Manual Z Stoppers With Guide Top Adjustment
·Multifunctional Foot Switch

              Type                        Item Unit 30T/1600 40T/2200 125T/3200 125T/4000 160T/3200 160T/4000 200T/3200 200T/4000
Nominal Power KN 300 400 1250 1250 1600 1600 2000 2000
Worktable width mm 1600 2200 3200 4000 3200 4000 3200 4000
Poles Daistance mm 1280 1850 2580 3000 2600 3000 2600 3000
Tnroat Depth mm two hundred 230 320 320 320 320 320 320
Slide Journey mm 80 one hundred a hundred and twenty a hundred and twenty two hundred two hundred 200 200
Nax Open mm 285 320 370 370 460 460 460 460
Motor power KW three five.5 seven.5 7.five eleven 11 11 11
Dimension L mm 1600 2200 3200 4000 3200 4000 3200 4000
W mm one thousand 1200 1600 1600 1700 1700 1950 1950
H mm 1600 1910 2600 2700 2700 2800 2800 2800
Weight KG 1300 2700 6000 7000 8500 10000 11500 12500

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New Arrival Pneumatic Bending Machine Price