Epoxy Glass Fiber Laminate Fr4 Sheet

Epoxy Glass Fiber Laminate Fr4 Sheet

Solution Information
FR4 is a fireplace rated electrical-quality, dielectric fiberglass laminate epoxy resin technique combined with a glass material substrate.
The abbreviation “FR4” means: F (for flame) and R (for retardant).
FR4 grades substance supply superb chemical resistance, flame ratings (UL94-VO) and electrical properties below dry and humid circumstances. FR4 also characteristics higher flexural, effect, excellent mechanical toughness and bond energy at temperatures up to 130°C. 

CZPT Information Sheet:

IEC893/EN6 0571  GRADE EPGC202
DIN7735 Hgw2372.one
CZPT Information Test Method Device Typical Values
Colour Greenish White/Yellow
Specific Gravity G/Cm3 one.95-2.
Water Absorption E-24/fifty+D-24/23 % .07-.sixteen
CZPT Strength⊥ C-ninety six/twenty/65(In90ºC Oil) Kv/Mm ≥14
CZPT Strength// C-.five/ninety(In90ºC Oil) KV 40
Volume Resistivity C-ninety six/20/sixty five Ω 5×1011-ten13
C-96/20/65 +C-ninety six/forty/ninety 5×1010-ten12
Surface Resistivity C-96/20/sixty five Ω 5×1010-10twelve
C-ninety six/20/65 +C-ninety six/forty/90 5×10ten-10eleven
Dielectric Strength C-ninety six/twenty/65 Ω.Cm 5×1011-10twelve
C-ninety six/twenty/65 +D-two/a hundred 5×10eight-tennine
Dielectric Constant 1MHZ C-ninety six-20-65 4.-5.
C-ninety six/twenty/65 +D-48/fifty four.5-5.five
Dissipation Factor 1MHZ C-ninety six/twenty/sixty five .03-.04
C-96/20/65 +D-48/fifty .04-.05
Arc Resistance(HV) C-96/20/65 Sec 130-one hundred forty
Mechanical Properties Flexural Strength A Kg/Mmtwo 40-50
Impact Strength// A KJ/M2 33
Rockwell Hardness A M 110
Bond Strength// A N 8000
A Kg/Mm2 29-34
//   19-24
Ul94 Subjects A VO
Heat Resistance    (120min) A ºC 220(Ok)
Temperature Index a hundred and sixty
Smoke Density90″ ASTM-E662 1
Smoke Density4′ three
Toxicant Content Lower
Others Acetone Resistance Boiled Min 30(Ok)
Punch Ability(≤3mm) A ºC Great


Nominal   Nominal   Nominal  
thickness(mm) Tolerance thickness(mm) Tolerance thickness(mm) Tolerance
.one ±0.018 1.two ±0.13 10 ±0.seventy two
.15 ±0.571 one.5 ±0.thirteen twelve ±0.eighty two
.2 ±0.038 1.six ±0.15 14 ±0.ninety four
.twenty five ±0.038 2 ±0.eighteen 16 ±1.02
.3 ±0.050 two.five ±0.twenty 20 ±1.12
.four ±0.050 3 ±0.28 25 ±1.30
.five ±0.064 four ±0.33 thirty ±1.50
.six ±0.064 5 ±0.37 35 ±1.70
.8 ±0.one hundred 6 ±0.45 40 ±1.95
one ±0.100 8 ±0.52 forty five ±2.20
Remarks 1: Nominal thickness not listed in the table, the tolerance should be as same as the next greater thickness.
two: More than 90% area of the thickness of tolerance must be within the thickness

The merchandise is extensively utilised high-stop insulation parts processing, FPC (versatile printed circuit-board) reinforcement sheet, planetary wheel, transformer insulation baffle, large voltage change, electric motor carbon brush holder, precision examination fixture, carbon film printing, electronic insulation elements,gasket,washer, different h2o sports gear and blade-resource deal with materials.


one.Dimension:CZPT:36”×48”, 40”×40”, 40”×48”,48”×80”,48”×96”,48”× 120”.Or CZPT.

Company Details
Our firm was established in 2012,located in HangCZPT town of China,and we focus in creating FR-4 laminate, G10 laminate,fiberglass plate/board/fabric/fabric/sheet,carbon fiber plate/board/fabric/cloth/sheet,fiberglass processing items,carbon fiber processing items.We can produce and produce various insulation items according to customers’ requirement.

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1.Q:Are you factory?
 A:Indeed,We are manufacturing facility.
2.Q:How about the shipping time?
  A:Depends on order quantity.
three.Q:Can I get free sample for verify?
  A:Sample can be provided for free if we can load the specific charge.
4.Q:Can you give me a low cost price?
  A:More quantity,far more price cut you can get.

Epoxy Glass Fiber Laminate Fr4 Sheet