Straightening Centralized Positioning Continual Cut to Length Machine Line

Straightening Centralized Positioning Continual Cut to Length Machine Line

Substantial-Speed STAINLESS Steel SLITTING Device LINE



  • :Coil major specification
  1. Coil materials: Stainless metal.
  2. Coil thickness:.3~three.0mm..
  3. Coil width:300~1500mm.
  4. Coil I.D.:Φ508mm.Φ610mm(With Cover).
  5. Coil O.D. (max) :≤Φ1800mm.
  6. Coil excess weight (max):≤20T.
  7. () Line complete location (about):28M×9M.
  8. :.Feed-in course:From appropriate to remaining.
  • Equipment composition:

Paper device-CZPT Uncoiler Auto-CZPT Uncoiler- CZPT bracket-Feeding manual plate-,Pinch roller with Coil head chopping device-Front looping table-)()Side guiding (laminating gadget)-Disc shear-Curling machine-Again looping desk-Tension table-Coil divided shearing equipment-CZPTiler-CZPT bracket-CZPT recoiler Vehicle-CZPT Station Technique-CZPTal Manage Method,Pneumatic System

  • :Slitter main specification

Operation function: use for collecting packing paper in coil.When need collection paper, put paper tube and turn over several circle.
Structure : double saddle steel welded .Managed by torque motor.

  1. CZPT Uncoiler Automobile
  1. ).Construction:Metal welded.
  2. :Type:Driven by 4 wheels.
  3. :.Transmission electrical power:Equipment lowered motor.
  4. :.Lifting electrical power:CZPT oil cylinder.
  5. :20T.Max loading weight:20T
  1. :CZPT decoiler
  1. ,,,,37KW.Kind by bracket,information seat,hydraulic increasing axis ,hydraulic oil cylinder ,37KW D.C. motor and so on.
  2. :4.,.Axis construction: kind by four parts of wedge slider.Reel is hydraulic run and expands coil.
  3. ,,..Decoiler has DC motor so that it could decoil with pinching device, and steer clear of spreading since of rotated inertia. Decoiler makes use of pneumatic disc sort brake to function with stick to-up machine line pace and have quick brake when outage.
  4. ,,,..Decoiler has mounted pressing fitting, urgent wheel  has PU notch so that convenient to pull out packing band and decoil.Pressing wheel is managed by oil cylinder to lift.
  5. Expanding range:Φ470mm~Φ530mm.
  1. CZPT bracket:
    1. :.Composition:metal welded.
    2. :.Bracket electricity:CZPT cylinder.
  2. Feeding information plate:
  1. .Sort by versatile feeding guide plate with driving cylinder.
  2. ,.,.,.Help decoiling and sending substance so the head of coil could enter into pinching machine.Xihu (West Lake) Dis. plate extends and lifts to a suitable area,guiding head of coil. Plate lifting, stretching is pushed by oil cylinder.
  1. ,:Pinch roller with Coil head cutting machine
  1. : ,.Construction and sort:Pair roller pinching, metal welded.
  2. pair rollers dimensions:Ø250mm×1600mm,2pcs. Roller area with PU.
  3. :.pressing sort:driven by hydraulic oil cylinder
  4. :37KW,.Driving electrical power:37KW D.C. motor,and gear box.
  5. :,,,,,.Composition: form by wallboard,higher and down tool apron and blade,gap altering mechanism,synchronous shaft,synchronous equipment,hydraulic oil cylinder and so on.
  1. :Entrance looping desk
    1. :..Variety:steel plate welded with channel.Oil cylinder controls platform higher and down.
  2. :Side Xihu (West Lake) Dis.(laminating gadget)
  1. :,,,.Construction:kind by vertical guiding roller,slider,width changing mechanism,pinch roller and transmission system.
  2. :Φ70×170mm,6,,.Vertical roller dimension:Φ70×170mm,six pieces,floor quenching,chrome-plate.
  3. Pinch roller dimension:Φ180×1600mm. Roller surface with PU.
  4. :.Pinch roller lifting electrical power:CZPT oil cylinder.
  5. :.Pinch roller electrical power:Gar reduced motor
  6. :.Deviation-rectify adjustment:Solitary facet manual changing with two rods.
  7. :three hundred~1500mm.Adjusting assortment:300~1500mm
  8. ,.

Covering membrane to coil according to request, comprehensive by two-pinching rollers urgent when masking

  1. ,.

Laminating fitting is use special unfolded roller with pinching rollers. It could enable membrane go over on metal plate uniformly.

  1. Disc shear:
  1. Construction and type:kind by arch,upper arbor lifting worm wheel box,gear decreased motor ,universal coupling,machine base,power equipment box and so on.
  2. :Φ220×1600mm().Shearing axis measurement:Φ220×1600mm(blade set up spot).
  3. :42CrMo,.Shearing axis content:42CrMo,intermediate frequency quenching.
  4. :90kw.Shearing electrical power:90kw DC motor.
  5. :.Shearing pressing electricity:Equipment lowered motor.
  6. :.Blade altering variety:CZPT oil cylinder drive back arch.
  7. :~150m/min.Shearing velocity:~150m/min adjustable.
  8. :Φ220×Φ350×10mm.Blade size:Φ220×Φ350×10mm,10pcs.
  9. Blade shim dimension:Φ220×Φ260mm.
  10. :<1mm  25 ,3mm 5.

       Slitting strip quantity: <1mm 25PCS, 3mm 5PCS.

  1. :Curling machine:
  1. :.,,,,.Type:rotating disc type.Form by motor,helical worm geared reducer,rotating disc,foundation and so onInfinitive velocity to make exact same with disc shear.
  2. Curling speed:~150mm/min.
  3. CZPTil disc dimensions:Φ365×600mm.
  4. :3-10mm.Edge wire width:3-10mm one side.
  5. :.CZPTil disc electricity:AC Motor with helical worm geared reducer.
  6. :.Material removing kind:Oil cylinder thrust recoil disc contraction.
  1. :Back looping desk:
  1. :..Variety:steel plate welded with channel.Controlled by oil cylinder to elevate.
  1. :Tension table
  1. :,,.Operate:front separator separates the coil in recoiler in advance,at the very same time coil deliver back again pressure,so that it is hassle-free to recoil tight.
  2. :,,,,.Construction:Form by arch, upper and down stress plate, synchronous shaft, oil cylinder, base and so on.
  3. Pre-feeding axis dimensions:Φ100×1700mm.
  4. :Φ200×3mm,65Mn,.Pre-feeding slice size and substance:Φ200×3mm,65Mn, quenching therapy.
  5. :,.Tension Controlling:Oil cylinder pressing kind pressure fitting, push by means of hydraulic decompressed valve.
  1. Coil divided shearing device:
  1. :.,.,,,.

Perform: shearing coil to reach dividing function according to need. When it reaches the length of strips, manual operation button controls shearing and driving cylinder to cut coil. After divided shearing, it has device of speed and length measurement, offers signal to control machine line speed, and show on the screen of controlling table, provide a basis for dividing coils.

  1. :,,,,,,.
    Coil divided shearing structure: hydraulic upper shearing type. form by wallboard,upper and down tool apron and blade,gap adjusting mechanism,synchronous shaft,synchronous gear,hydraulic oil cylinder and so on.
  2. :Ø400×1700mm,.Balanced measuring roller dimensions:Ø400×1700mm,chromeplate .
  1. :CZPTiler
  1. :,,,..,..Operate:separate the slitted coil and recoil,reel use DC altered motor to drive rotating.Clamping block is hydraulic growing structure.CZPT cantilever variety coil separator could enlarge when rise ,could push tightly all the time.Have pneumatic rapidly-brake fitting.
  2. ::,,,.Structure:cantilever type coil separator: type by cantilever, separator slice, separator distance sleeve and separator axis.Oil cylinder offers power to lift.
    1. :,.Coil rolling machine:type by motor,decreased box and reel.
    2. Rolling I.D.:Φ508mm.
    3. :20T(MAX).Rolling excess weight:20T (MAX).
    4. :.Rolling kind:Upper-rolling.
    5. :.Clamping block:Oil cylinder expanding fitting.
    6. :144KW.Driving electricity:144KW DC motor.
  3. :~150m/min.Rolling speed:~150m/min adjustable.
  4. :.

Pushing material fitting: drive by hydraulic cylinder and two assistant pushing rods.

  1. :CZPT recoiler Automobile
  1. :.Structure:Metal plate welded with channel.


  1. :.Transmission power:Equipment decreased motor.
  2. :.Lifting electricity:CZPT oil cylinder.
  3. : 20T.Max loading excess weight:20T.
  1. :CZPT bracket
  1. :.Structure:Steel welded.
  2. :. Bracket electrical power:CZPT cylinder.
  1. CZPT Station Technique
    1. :,,.Summary:CZPT program is formed by hydraulic station and connected pump,valve,pipes.
    2. :Specification
      1. Force:10Mpa
      2. Stream/:27L/min
      3. :N46

Operating medium:N46 Antiwear hydraulic oil.

      1. Gasoline tank capacity:500L
      2. Motor:seven.5KW
  1. Air pressure program:
  1. :,,,.

   Summary:Form by air supple, air supple element, magnetic valve, and related pipes, cylinder

  1. Specification/           

air strain/        .six~.8Mpa
              Air-feeding quantity             1/min()
1 cube/min (underneath compressing situation)

  1. :CZPTal Management Program/

One set of CZPT cupboard,two sets of procedure cupboard,device setting up capability 320KWpower supple:380V,50Hz.

No. Identify Place of origin
one PLC ZheJiang Delta:DVP-(32EH)
2 ()
Guy-machine interface(touch display screen)
KunLun TongTai
3 Encoder HAIDE
four DC controller England CZPTtherm:590C
five CZPT aspect Schneider


6 DC speed governing motor Pioneer motor
7 Equipment Reducer Motor ZheJiang Tunglee
8 Important portion bearing HangCZPT bearing,HangCZPT bearing,HangCZPT bearing
9 equipment box seal ZheJiang Speedy CZPT Business
ten CZPT method aspect ZheJiang CZPT Manufacturing unit


  1. Consumer making ready/
  1. .CZPTity learn change/
  2. ,.Oil of equipment box and hydraulic strain/
  3. . Air supple

Main Xihu (West Lake) Dis.llary Goods Making Firm

  1. Manufacturing store/Xng sn xut
  1. 28.

Creating line length is about 28 meter.

  1. :34()×10()×6().

Manufacturing store spot must be minimum: 34M (L)*10M (W)*6M (H)

  1. twenty.

You should have a single set of crane which could load above 20T and other corollary equipments in producing shop.

Straightening Centralized Positioning Continual Cut to Length Machine Line