Single Phase Two Value Capacitor Induction Motor

Single Phase Two Value Capacitor Induction Motor

Solution Description
ML&solYL sequence aluminum housing solitary-stage dual-capacitor asynchronous motors&comma with most recent layout in entirety&comma are manufactured of picked top quality components andconforming to the IEC normal&interval ML motors have great overall performance&comma security and reputable procedure&comma good visual appeal and can be taken care of extremely conveniently&comma although with low noises&comma little vibration and at the exact same time of lightweight and simple construction&interval The compositive functionality is good&comma and the a number of of starting up torque is 1&period8~2&period5&time period


Kind Power VOLTAGE FREQUENC Present Speed EFF Electricity Ts&solTn
KW V HZ A RPM &percnt COSΦ
ML80M1-two &period75 220 50 4&period9 2800 73 &period95 one&period8
ML80M2-2 one&period1 220 fifty seven 2800 seventy five &period95 one&period8
ML80M1-four &period55 220 fifty 3&period9 1400 sixty nine &period92 one&period7
ML80M2-4 &period75 220 50 five 1400 seventy one &period95 1&period7
ML90S-2 1&period5 220 fifty 9&period1 2800 76 &period98 one&period8
ML90L-2 2&period2 220 50 thirteen&period2 2800 seventy seven &period98 1&period7
ML90S-four 1&period1 220 fifty 7&period2 1400 seventy three &period95 one&period7
ML90L-four 1&period5 220 50 9&period6 1400 seventy five &period95 1&period7
ML100L-two 3 220 fifty eighteen&period1 2800 79 &period95 one&period7
ML100L1-4 two&period2 220 50 13&period85 1400 76 &period95 1&period7
ML100L2-four 3 220 fifty eighteen&period6 1400 seventy seven &period95 1&period7
ML112M-2 3&period7 220 fifty 22&period1 2800 80 &period95 one&period7
ML112M-four 3&period7 220 50 22&period4 1400 79 &period95 one&period7
ML132S-two 5&period5 220 50 32&period5 2800 eighty one &period95 one&period7
ML132S-four five&period5 220 50 32&period9 1400 80 &period95 1&period7

Set up Approach & Dimensions

    Power underneath 3KW selects CZPT relationship&semiPower up 3KW selects Delta link


    Frame NO&interval eighty–132  &colonPackage by carton box and then packed by picket box

    Frame NO&period160 and above&colonone picket box for every set

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Single Phase Two Value Capacitor Induction Motor