Hot Selling Hydraulic Lift Reach Electric Pallet Stacker

Hot Selling Hydraulic Lift Reach Electric Pallet Stacker

Scorching Marketing CZPT Elevate Get to CZPT Pallet Stacker (CDD12)


1.2ton Battery Operated Powered Pallet CZPT Stacker principal configuration:

one, the dc everlasting magnet motor
2, 24 v / seventy five ah and servicing-totally free direct-acid batteries
three, Curtis controller/meter
four, developed-in entire voltage charger
five, substantial strength and a built-in ChaJiao
six electricity, electromagnetic brake, secure and trustworthy
1.2ton Battery Operated Driven Pallet CZPT Stacker appropriate manner:
1, comparatively flat cement or comparable hard pavement
two, suited for one pallet dealing with, stacking of the items
3, ideal for substantial frequency and heavy load cargo dealing with, stacking
4, working time is about five several hours.

Guidelines: Does not utilize to include flammable and explosive gasoline or dust.

Marshell one.2ton Battery Operated Run Pallet CZPT Stacker specs:



Load capacity/rated load kg 1200
Load center distance          C mm 600
Overall length               L1 mm 1463
Overall width               b1 mm 800
Overall height               h1 mm 2052
Wheelbase               Y mm 1240
Lowered fork height       h4 mm eighty five
Lift height           h5 mm 3000
Minimum ground clearance       h6 mm 30
Fork outside spacing       b2 mm 560
Fork inside spacing      b3 mm 240
Fork length           h7 mm 1150
Fork length          e mm one hundred sixty
Front wheel tread             b4 mm four hundred
Max.lift speed unladen mm/s one hundred sixty
laden mm/s one hundred twenty speed unladen km/h 3.5
aden km/h three.five
Minimum outside turning radius   Wa mm 1408
Max.gradability,laden % three
Max.gradability,unladen % 5
Service weight(with battery) kg 620
Battery capacity Ah 80
Battery voltage V 24
(DC)Lift motor(DC) KW 2.2
(AC)Drive motor(AC) KW .75
Ast  Aisle width for lengthways 1000×1200 Pallets mm 2225
800×1200 Pallets mm 2150

Marshell Entire CZPT Driven Forklift Pallet Stacker business profiles:


Marshell was started in 2002, it is a globe-class electric vehicle designer and manufacturer in China. Our major goods are golf car, golfing trolley, sightseeing automobile, e-scooter, utility cars and so on. All objects are CE qualified. 


We have 3 services in ZheJiang and ZheJiang , with 210000 square meters workshops and 800 staff. Our every day manufacturing potential is 100 models of large cars and 500 units of scooters. 


Marshell has been identified by CZPT/ISO14001, all objects are CE licensed. Marshell is also the first one particular who received CZPTpean EEC certificate in China. Furthermore, each car is marked with Globe Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) and VIN. 


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Hot Selling Hydraulic Lift Reach Electric Pallet Stacker