Heat Sink Thermal Silicone Insulation Rubber Sheet

Heat Sink Thermal Silicone Insulation Rubber Sheet

Heat Sink Thermal Silicone Insulation Rubber Sheet

Insulator Silicone Sheet
BM900S Sil-Pad is a kind of silicone elastomer composite substance, it truly is by insulating and great thermal conductivity filling materials, silicone rubber and fiberglass compounded into. These merchandise usually get the reduced fastening force aspect fixed approaches, the merchandise has great thermal conductivity and large toughness voltage resistance functionality!

1.Powerful rigidity resistance,
2.Use resistance, exceptional insulation performance,
3.Non adhesive on floor , thin thickness, suitable for thermal insulation of electricity gadgets.

Standard Size: 300mm*50m, 300mm*76m
Condition: roll, sheet, die-chopping according to customers’ specifications

CZPT Information

Test Project Numerical Check CZPT
Test Item Product Check Technique
Model NO. BM900s
Thickness(mm) .23 ASTM D 347
Shade Pink/Grey Visible
Thickness Tolerance(mm) .006±0.001 ASTM D 347
Ongoing Use Temp. -sixty~two hundred TGA+DMA
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.k) one.3 ASTM D 5470
Quantity Resistivity(Ω-cm) 10∧10↑ ASTM D 257
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 5.5KV↑ ASTM D 149
Hardness(ShoreA) 92±5 ASTM D 2240
Particular Gravity two.eight ASTM D 792
Tensile Power(kg/cm2) nine ASTM D 412
Elongation(%) 20 ASTM D 412
RoHS(six) Check out IEC 62321
Halogen(4) Check out out EN 14582
Attain(15) Check out EN14372EPA3502
Flame Score V— UL94
CZPT Silicone/Fiberglass

one. Thermal resistance : 0.49ºC-in2/W (@ 50psi)
2. Lower fastening strain
3. Floor clean and highly adapted
four. electrical insulation

one. Massive power source and car digital heating module
2. Motor management, interaction tools
3. Electricity semiconductor, IS MOS tube IGBT chip
4. High voltage , high temperature , high power welding machine and many others.
5. Army, aviation
6. Heating electricity system

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Heat Sink Thermal Silicone Insulation Rubber Sheet