Glass Sheet Fr4 Fr-4 G10 Plate 1.6t Jack Board Sink Fiberglass Laminate 3240 Material Slab Fiber Epoxy Resin

Glass Sheet Fr4 Fr-4 G10 Plate 1.6t Jack Board Sink Fiberglass Laminate 3240 Material Slab Fiber Epoxy Resin

Rapid Details
Product name:3240 sheet, epoxy sheet, epoxy fiber glass sheet         Brand Name: XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                                         Type: fiberglass Insulation Resources Sheet
Product Amount:  3240/GR4/FR5/G10/G11                                            Temperature: one hundred thirty-180 Degree
Application: Large Voltage temperature insulation material                    Material: Epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth
Tensile Toughness: ≥340MPa                                                                  Density: two.08g/cm3
Usage: Motor/Transformer Insulation Protection                                   
Parallel bending power: ≥33KJ/M2                                                    Vertical electric power: ≥9Kv
Parallel breakdown voltage: ≥35Kv                                                       Dielectric reduction factor: ≤0.four
Surface area resistivity: ≥10 13Ω                                                                    Surface: flat and easy
Typical Measurement: 1571mmx 2040mm (forty” x 80″) or CZPT                 Rated Voltage: 10-1000 kv  
Measurement: Regular 980mm×1980mm(38″x78″)1571mmx1220mm(40″x48″)1571mm x 2040mm(forty” x 80″)1220mmx2470mm(forty eight” x 97″) Unique requirements can be CZPT.
Colour: Yellow Black Eco-friendly or according to customer’s requirment        
Drinking water absorption(1-20mm thickness): seventeen~73mg
Attribute: Warmth-Resistant,Dielectric Properties                                         Sample: Sample Avaliable
CZPT:GB/T 1303-2009 / IEC6 0571 -2003                                          Certification: SGS, ROHS,CTI
Solution Description
FR-four Epoxy glass sheet:
· FR-4 (or FR4) is a grade designation assigned to glass-reinforced epoxy laminate sheets, tubes, rods and printed circuit boards (PCB). FR4 is a composite content composed of woven fiberglass fabric with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing).
· “FR” stands for flame retardant, and denotes that protection of flammability of FR4 is in compliance with the common UL94V-. FR-four is produced from the constituent resources (epoxy resin, woven glass material reinforcement, brominated flame retardant, and many others.) by NEMA in 1968.
· FR-4 Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet is a popular and versatile higher-force thermoset plastic laminate quality with very good power to weight ratios. With in close proximity to zero drinking water absorption, FR-4is most frequently used as an electrical insulator possessing substantial mechanical power. The substance is recognized to keep its higher mechanical values and electrical insulating characteristics in equally dry and humid problems. These characteristics, alongside with excellent fabrication qualities, lend utility to this quality for a wide range of electrical and mechanical programs.
Epoxy Fiber Glass sheet 3240 Sheet is produced of alkali-cost-free E-glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resins and phenolic resins by processing below heat and high force. This item getting large mechanical and dielectric properties, excellent heat and humidity resistance, can be used in electrical motors, engines and devices as insulating building areas in moist situations and in transformer oil.
Epoxy resin sheet is a composite substance composed of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing).It has qualities of higher power, exceptional electrical houses and chemical resistance. 
The substance is acknowledged to retain its higher mechanical values and electrical insulating qualities in the two dry and humid circumstances. These attributes, alongside with great Processing characteristics, lend utility to this grade for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical purposes.
Substantial Good quality unclad 3240 g10 fr4 material epoxy glass fiber sheet 
FR4 and G10 is a NEMA quality designation for glass-reinforced epoxy laminate supplies.
G10 fiberglass plate, made of E-glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin by processing under higher temprature and strain.
G10 fiberglass plate is a popular and functional substantial-pressure thermal plastic laminate grade with very good power to excess weight ratios. 
3240 epoxy glass fiber sheet is yellow shade electrical insulation sheet.
Large good quality fr4 content g10 content epoxy glass fiber sheet have exceptional electrical and mechanical homes, very good warmth and moisture resistance.
Applicable to insulating strutural areas in motors, mechanical and electural parts in motors, mechanical and electrical equipment, and can be employed in transformer oil effectively.
laminated 3240 G10 FR4 yellow environmentally friendly epoxy glass fiber sheet
3240 epoxy glass fiber sheet is made of Epoxy resin and glass fiber fabric, variety is 3240, higher mechanical overall performance beneath medium temperature, secure electrical homes below higher temperature, in shape for machine, electric equipment and insulating elements for electronics.
 Epoxy glass fiber sheet Characters and Purposes:
 Class B (one hundred thirty diploma) epoxy sheet. This item has higher mechanical house, h2o and heat resistance, secure dielectric property soon after soaking.  Laminated sheet is utilised as insulating structural element for electrical machine and equipment equipments.
Epoxy glass fiber sheet measurements have 1571*2571mm, 1220*2440mm, 1220*1220mm or CZPT Product Description
Manufacturing unit price tag laminated 3240 G10 FR4 yellow environmentally friendly epoxy glass fiber sheet
3240 epoxy glass fiber sheet is made of Epoxy resin and glass fiber fabric, kind is 3240, higher mechanical overall performance below medium temperature, steady electrical properties beneath higher temperature, match for device, electrical equipment and insulating components for electronics.Epoxy glass fiber sheet dimensions have 1571*2571mm, 1220*2440mm, 1220*1220mm
3240 Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet  are produced by modified phenolic 
resin as binder and pure fiberglass as reinforcement. The have exceptionallygood heat resistance and will not creep beneath higher temperature circumstances.
glassfiber epoxy sheet 3240 Materials Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet with Substantial Power G10 FR4
3240 epoxy sheetExcellent bodily,mechanical and dielectric qualities
Endure all varieties of machining
Floor sleek, no bubbles, hemp eye and impurities
Edges cutting tidiness, Surface CZPT delamination and crack
Item Gain
one,Great flatness, smooth surface area, no pits, standard thickness tolerances.
two,Reduced drinking water absorption, good dampness resistance and very good dielectric qualities .
three,Steady electrical insulating properties, good electrical overall performance in dry or soaked situations.
4,Higher mechanical energy, good processability Punching, Drilling, Machining and Slicing is CZPT.
five,Excellent mechanical workability.
six,In large temperature electric efficiency is stable.
7,High mechanical homes and dielectric houses.
8,The flame retardant grade is UL94 V0
9, F grade Heat resistance and warmth resistance (one hundred twenty min) reaches to 180 ºC
10,High mechanical performances (bending, compression and stretching of transverse energy is over 330Mpa)
eleven,High dielectric qualities of th e oil (25 ºC in the vertical dielectric strength of sixteen kv/mm)
twelve,We can push, reduce and process the sheet according to customer’s needs and supply insulation equipment directly.
13,3240 Epoxy glass cloth laminated board is made of ethoxyline and glass fabric.
14,The thicker you select, the larger electrical strength.
15,3240 Epoxy glass cloth laminated board has substantial Mechanical homes, water resistance and warmth resistance, secure dielectricproperties after immersion.
16,In the middle temperature with large mechanical properties.
17,has anti-hearth house
eighteen,good-smoothness, and so on.
one.Employed in mechanical, electrical and electronic insulation structure components. 
two.Used in Chemical device areas.
3.Motor management, communication equipments
4.Separator among the magnetic ring inductors and the foundation of the bottom
5.Thermal electrical power units
6.Also suited for high voltage transformer and switch cabinet, high temperature, large-electrical power welder even in wet atmosphere
seven.Utilized in higher-efficiency electrical insulation requirements.
eight.FPC Stiffener, PCB drilling plate
nine.precision planetary gears (grinding chips), precision take a look at plates, 
10.electrical products insulation stays partitions,
eleven.insulation pads, transformer insulation boards,
12.electrical insulation components, grinding gears,
thirteen.electronic change insulation boards.
(one)Transformer oil, insulating elements in ICT, ITE, jig plate.
(two)PCB punching reinforcement plate of testing fixture 
(3)Needle plate, provider board and insulated electric powered and electronic items
(four) CZPTal insulation components, electronic gear, and ideal for the setting which has high mechanical toughness, and dampness-resistance.
14. CZPTr for choke and inductor coil
The epoxy glass fiber sheet serves as an insulation spacer for the upper choke.
The common method inductance is divided into high voltage AC method and output DC manner. The voltage among the two copper wires decides whether to use the spacer. If the lead string is included and the casing voltage is not high ample, the spacer shall not be included. But thinking about the regularity, it is much more suitable to have an insulation spacer in bulk production.  
fifteen. Baseboard for Transformer Bobbin
The capabilities of transformer’s bobbin are as follows:
(one)To offer enough space for twining copper wires
(2)To correct the magnetic main of the transformer
(3)To help wires twining of the transformer by its wire channels
(four)To serve as a conductive part right after it is soldered with tin and connected to PCB sheet
(5)To make a decision the direction of the transformer by its chamfer
16. Utilised as washers
 (1) Sealing
(two) Growing friction 
(3) Lowering force
(four) CZPT higher temperature
17. Baseboard for Printed Circuit Board(PCB)
Fiberglass epoxy prepreg is the fundamental materials for the multi-layer PCB. It consists of reinforcing insulation substance—-glass fiber impregnated with thermoset resin. So it is ideal for the multilayer printed circuit board. Its flammability is UL94V- quality and right after push processing, the closing item could fulfill IPC-4101/21 regular.
eighteen. CZPT and electronic field
Large Heating-resistance and Coorision Resisitance has presented it software in several other places these kinds of as transit and weapon sector. It is extensively be in PDP, Liquid crystal display, electricity baseboard, Tv, refrigerator, washing equipment, and so on.
19. Other Programs
(one)Utilised in mechanical, electrical and electronic high insulation construction areas. 
(2)Employed in substantial-efficiency electrical insulation specifications as nicely as chemical equipment areas.
(3)CZPT equipment parts and equipment, generators, Pads, foundation, baffle as electric powered insulation component. 
(4)Generator, transformer, fixture, inverter, motor.
Processing CZPT:
Factory direct sale, distinct measurements and parts are CZPT.Make sure you speak to with our income division straight with provided CAD or 3D drawings, our specialist engineering group will quotation for you
CZPT information
CZPT info sheet

Purchase Item title Device Test strategy Index
1 Density g/cm3 GB/T5130 section eight.1 (one.80-two.08)
2 Drinking water absorption mg GB/T5130 part 8.2 Refer to table 2
3 Vertical layer route bending power MPa GB/T5130 segment five.1 >= 340
four Vertical layer path compression strength MPa GB/T5130 section five.three >= (350)
5 Tensile toughness MPa GB/T5130 part >= (three hundred)
six Compact strength (Just strut-beam approach) KJ/mthree GB/T5130 area >= 33
seven Insulation resistance right after water dipping Ω GB/T5130 section 6.3 >= five. × 108
eight Mediate reduction element, 1MHz hour ____ GB/T5130 section six.2 <= 0.04
nine Dielectric continual, 1MHz hour ____ GB/T5130 area six.two <= 5.5
10 Vertical layer direction electric powered energy at (90±2)ºC transformer oil KV/mm GB/T5130 segment six.1 ≥14.two
eleven Parallel layer course striking voltage kV GB/T5130 segment >= 35


NO Product Device Index worth Remark
1 Vertical bending energy MPa ≥340
two Parallel influence toughness KJ/ ≥33 Possibly a single meeting this need is suitable.
(merely-supported beam approach)
3 Parallel impact toughness kJ/ ≥34
(cantilever beam approach)
4 Vertical electric powered energy MV/m ≥14.2
(in oil of 90ºC±2ºC,1mm)
five Parallel breakdown voltage kV ≥35
(in oil of 90ºC±2ºC)
       6 Dielectric consistent ≤5.five
(beneath 48Hz-62Hz)
7 Dielectric continual ≤5.five
(beneath 1MHz)
eight Thermostability ºC 150
9 Oil resistivity in transformer oil 4h ºC 130
10 Tensile strength lengthways horizontal MPa ≥314
11 Adhesive power N ≥5600
twelve Dielectric dissipation issue ≤0.04 Possibly one particular meeting this requirement is suitable.
(underneath 48Hz-62Hz )
13 Dielectric dissipation factor ≤0.04
(under 1MHz )
fourteen Density g/ cm3 (1.8-two.08)  

EPGC202/EPGC203/EPGC204/EPGC306( G11 )/EPGC308/3240 epoxy sheet apply 7628 glass fiber fabric and imported epoxy resin, it has larger mechanical qualities, electrical properties, higher thermal mechanical strength. Merchandise are commonly utilised in mechanical, digital, electrical tools, insulation elements and componer.
EPGC201,EPGC202 board are from electrical alkali-totally free glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist, formed by scorching urgent,Items with higher mechanical properties and electrical efficiency.
   EPGC201 epoxy glass cloth laminate applied to B-class motors. CZPTal products for insulation of structural elements.
   EPGC202 epoxy glass fabric laminated sheets have flame-retardant needs applicable to the B-course motors. CZPTal equipment for insulation of structural elements as other Needs.
   EPGC203, EPGC204 plates are from 7628 glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist, shaped by sizzling pressing. Goods with higher mechanical properties.
  EPGC203 epoxy glass cloth laminate used to F-class motors, electrical tools for insulation of structural elements.
  EPGC204 epoxy glass fabric laminated sheets have flame-retardant specifications applicable to the F-class motors, electrical gear for insulation of structural elements.

EPGC201 Large mechanical and electrical houses, great warmth resistance, dampness resistance.
EPGC202 FR4 Performance is equivalent to EPGC201 the flame retardance amount is enhanced to UL F-V0.
EPGC203 G10 Functionality is comparable to EPGC201 and it has superior warmth resistance, high mechanical strength at substantial temperature, excellent electrical and anti-static homes.
EPGC204 FR5 Efficiency is equivalent to EPGC203 the flame retardance degree is improved to UL F-V0.
EPGC306 G11 Efficiency is equivalent to EPGC203 and its proof monitoring index is enhanced.
EPGC308 Functionality is comparable to EPGC203 and its warmth resistance is improved. It has nicely mechanical steadiness at high temperature.

CZPT Parameters:

CZPT GB/T 1303-2009 / IEC6 0571 -2003
Basic Information Chinese Identify 3240
NEMA FR4 G10 FR5 G11
Fundamental Materials Glass fiber cloth Electronic Grade Glass Fiber Cloth
Resin Epoxy Warmth-resistant Epoxy Resin
Coloration Natural  Organic/Eco-friendly
No. Test Item Unit Price
one Density g/m³ one.8~1.95
2 Vertical Layer Bending Energy (regular) MPa ≥340
3 Parallel Layer Effect Power (simply supported beam strategy) KJ/m2 ≥38
4 Vertical Layer CZPTal Toughness(90ºCtransformer oil)(1mm thickness) Kv/mm ≥14.2
5 Parallel Layer Breakdown Voltage(90ºCtransformer oil) kv ≥35 ≥35 ≥40 ≥35 ≥40 ≥35
six Dielectric Consistent (50Hz) ≤5.5
seven Dielectric Decline Aspect(50Hz) ≤0.04
8 Insulation Resistance after Immersion Ω ≥5.*1571
nine Evidence Tracking   Index(PTI) ≥200
ten Combustibility V- V-
11 Temperature Index a hundred thirty 130 a hundred and fifty five a hundred and fifty five 155 a hundred and eighty
12 Drinking water Absorption(1-20mm thickness) mg seventeen~73
Observe: Variety values are calculated for distinct thicknesses

Q1: How about MOQ?
MOQ is according to various items. Whatsoever you require, we are happy to quote very best price tag with good quality.
Q2: Can you ship samples for testing?

500g Samples are free of charge equipped, but express freight must be taken by customer. Following creating get, we might like to return freight back again.
Q3: How can you assure the quality of mass products is same as the sample sent to me prior to?We held another identical sample and marked on firm when we sent to consumer. So our production will be based on.
This autumn: Which package do you use?
Deal is crucial part to stay away from products breaking in transportation. We will pick suited packing rely on materials.Q5: When customer answer top quality concerns after choose up goods, how to offer with?
1) CZPTer could source images of issued merchandise for our revenue personnel and then we are going to verify which part is mistaken. 
two) If the issue is confirmed, organization will negotiate with buyers and compensate in coming orders.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Specifics: 
one. Wooden pallet with carton. 
2. CZPT pallet with carton. 
3. Wood wooden pallet with wooden circumstance. 
four. In accordance to client demands.or according to client requirments
Shipping Time: 10-20days right after obtaining the deposit
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Glass Sheet Fr4 Fr-4 G10 Plate 1.6t Jack Board Sink Fiberglass Laminate 3240 Material Slab Fiber Epoxy Resin