Double Shaft 25W Single Phase Fan Coil Unit Motor for Air Conditioner

Double Shaft 25W Single Phase Fan Coil Unit Motor for Air Conditioner

Solution Identify

CZPT Shaft 25w Solitary Section Admirer Coil Unit Motor For Air Conditioner

Merchandise Characteristics:

Use YSK low noise high good quality ball bearing
Insulation course B, protection class IP21.
Reasonable construction, higher performance, low temperature rise, lower sounds, tiny vibration.


Design Voltage Frequency Output speed Capacitor
YSK110-16-4 220V 50/sixty 16W 750/600/480 1.
YSK110-twenty-four 220V 50/sixty 20W 830/660/520 two.
YSK110-25-four 220V fifty/60 25W 850/680/540 2.5
YSK110-thirty-four 220V 50/sixty 30W 880/700/560 2.5
YSK110-35-4 220V 50/60 35W 900/720/580 3.
YSK110-40-4 220V 50/sixty 40W 950/750/600 three.
YSK110-45-four 220V 50/sixty 45W 1000/800/650 3.
YSK110-50-four 220V fifty/60 50W 1050/840/670 three.five
YSK110-60-4 220V 50/60 60W 1100/950/750 3.5
YSK110-80-four 220V fifty/sixty 80W 1200/900/seven-hundred four.
YSK110-ten-6 220V 50/sixty 10W 730/580/460 one.
YSK110-12-6 220V fifty/60 12W 750/600/480 1.two
YSK110-sixteen-6 220V fifty/60 16W 780/620/500 one.five
YSK110-twenty-six 220V fifty/60 20W 830/660/520 two.
YSK110-25-six 220V fifty/60 25W 850/680/540 2.
YSK110-thirty-6 220V 50/60 30W 870/700/560 2.5
YSK110-forty-six 220V fifty/60 40W 890/720/580 two.5
YSK110-fifty-6 220V fifty/sixty 50W 900/750/600 three.

Product Attribute
one. Compact framework, tiny measurement, gentle fat, beautiful look.
two.Constant increase reduced, large effectiveness, environmental protection, energy conserving, smooth running, low sounds
three. Special bearings for reduced sounds, smooth running, modest vibration, and aluminum alloy end caps for corrosion resistant.
4. Built-in temperature handle switch to properly safeguard the motor, high dependability for long service lifestyle.
five.Multi-velocity regulator, a selection of set up approaches to fulfill different requirements.


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Double Shaft 25W Single Phase Fan Coil Unit Motor for Air Conditioner