November 16, 2020

Hydraulic Auger Drives


TheEPG Auger Push is weighty responsibility built and developed in a cutting edge facility. EPG partnered with professional CHINA to create the extremely greatest Skid Steer Auger Travel the North American market has to offer. The outcome is an intense Auger Push, available in 3 versions, with substantial torque for each foot capabilities. Needless to say, EPG is really delighted. EPG purchases right from the source and by way of an distinctive partnership with Skid Steer Remedies, is in a position to supply maker charges, with no the traditional distributor mark-up.

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Select Auger Travel Product
Choose an Excavator Auger Cradle (Travel Only selection available)
Choose an Optional Auger Stump Planer (simply click for details)
Decide on an optional Auger Little bit
Select a 2nd optional Auger Bit

The CHINA developed planetary gearbox provides an massive volume of torque and longevity to this Skid Steer Auger Push. Competing makers nonetheless use shafts inserted from the entrance, with troubles of the shafts popping out when the retainer fails. EPG shafts are in fact inserted from the back on a thrust plate that evenly distributes the weight. This offers you a distinct mechanical edge and offers much more electrical power at the little bit. It also protects in opposition to the shaft from popping out and tends to make your operation considerably safer. EPG involves a life time assure against any shaft pullout. In addition, the planetary gearbox is sealed with pre-put in lubrication, so there is no want for upkeep. All you have to do is attach your auger bit and do what you do very best, function your compact gear.


Intense, hard functioning, and resilient
Sector leading planetary gearbox style, upkeep free
Life time promise from shaft pullout
Hydraulic Movement Range: 7-thirty GPM (varies by model)
Hoses integrated
Excavator Working Weight

2500 Design: four,four hundred – 8,800 lbs. (two – four T)
3500 Model: five,500 -nine,900 lbs. (2.five – 4.5 T)
4500 Model: six,600 – 11,000 lbs. (three – 5 T)

Hydraulic Auger Drives

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